about me


Hi, I’m Pat Meier.

In 1980 my parents did something, a little later I was born – somewhere, in the relative safety of Switzerland. In my early days I was quite busy growing up, doing things, then doing more serious things and somehow ending up in London. On my journey I spent exciting days in school and in the corporate world. The good thing was that after school I often hung out with my mate Michael who’s dad infected me with the photography bug. Years later I bought my first ‘big’ camera which back then was Nikon D90. What started as an exciting hobby soon became my passion. A passion which I combine with all parts of my life – especially also my beautiful family!

I love the adventure; both extremes – remote wilderness and urban madness. I love the scorching heat, the I-can’t-feel-my-toes-anymore cold on high altitude expeditions, raging storms or simply having to save my camera gear in extremis from the incoming tide. Coming from the Swiss Alps means that I love surfing. And snowboarding, which might make more sense. Travelling for an assignment? Easy decision! Especially if it gives me the chance of roughing it and getting to know new cultures and people. Capturing the emotions, expressions and most unique moments at events. Creating memories that last a lifetime. Helping to put products in that perfect light to boost sales. All of that is my one big passion!

So far in my photography career I have been hired to cover a wide variety from corporate, comedy and sports events over to nightlife and architectural assignments to just name a few. In 2014 I was approached by Getty Images where I since have been selling editorial and commercial images.

Are you interested in buying my photos? Have a look here: gettyimages.co.uk/patmeierphotography

That’s it from me for now.

Best regards,